White Diamond Green apple Arrak

    The purity and simplicity of White Diamond, the original arrack and still among the most popular, makes it ideal for infusing with fruit essences. Here we have a truly original example in White Diamond Green Apple.

    Take the standard White Diamond – made using our favoured extra neutral alcohol spirit for the best results – and add an essence of green apple flavour. That’s it, it’s that simple. Yet, the result is something very special and unique, not to mention delicious and affordable.

    Fans of White Diamond describe it as being akin to a far more expensive lightly flavoured Vodka. White Diamond Green Apple Arrak takes the concept a step further. Try this beautifully clear drink with its green apple aroma and you’ll find it a lightly sweet taste on the tongue.

    What makes Green Apple special is that it changes the complexity of White Diamond completely. Instead of the spirit tang being to the fore, it is subdued by the green apple flavour, allowing for a supremely palatable drink that is ideally enjoyed over ice without mixers.

    If you do want to dilute, we say keep the ice and add a soda or lemonade. Nothing with an alternative flavour as you will then lose the very essence of what White Diamond Green Apple is about. Cheap to buy – you won’t believe the price of arraks in Sri Lanka – this makes an ideal gift for a friend and buy a bottle for yourself for those summer gatherings.