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Celebration White Peacock Premium Vodka embodies the essence of Clarity, Purity and Pride.

Made with 100% pure spirit that has been filtered four times which guarantees an ultra-smooth, extra clear refined vodka for your
"Ultimate Drinking Pleasure"

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    For many who enjoy an alcoholic drink – whether with a meal or simply to wind down – the king of the spirits is that old classic: vodka. Sharp and perhaps the ideal mixing spirit, vodka brings with it a taste that is entirely its own, and our Celebration Vodka is in a class above the norm.

    Made using only the very finest spirits and purest water for a refined and smooth vodka experience, Celebration is hugely popular with our Sri Lanka customers thanks to its quality ingredients and the attention to detail we have put into getting the taste right.

    Then there’s the amazing price. The vodka price in Sri Lanka needs to be seen to be believed, making this the perfect choice of quality vodka that is unbeatable value for money. .

    Celebration Vodka makes the perfect base for any vodka cocktail with its wonderful spirit aroma and kick you want from a good vodka. Mix with ice and tonic for a pure vodka drink, or with an orange, lemon, lime or any fruit berry mixer for a collection of flavours you will enjoy to the full.

    Buy your Celebration bottle now and enjoy the taste of our beautifully made premium vodka.