Best gin in sri lanka

    The perfect choice for a cool summer mixer is Ascot Dry Gin, a smooth and crystal-clear gin. With influence from traditional London gins this superbly enjoyable gin comes at a surprisingly great price.

    Flavouring comes by way of the usual juniper berries combined with a wonderfully aromatic and flavoursome combination of botanicals. We base our dry gin on classic from the UK that set the standard, so our customers know they are getting carefully developed top-quality gin that is as good as it gets.

    Ascot Dry Gin is as clear as it gets with that dry aftertaste that gin connoisseurs the world over strive to attain. How to drink this fine gin? We suggest it would be perfect with ice and tonic – a classic gin combination that will never age – or perhaps with an orange mixer to bring out that wonderful flavour to the full.

    Perfect for cocktails too – a Tom Collins is the ideal drink for a summer garden party that your guests will love. An ideal gift for a gin lover, or great as an addition to your cocktail cabinet, this is the gin that is making waves right now. Try Ascot Dry Gin and see what you’re missing.





    For a gin lover who likes a fruity touch to his or her drink try Ascot Lemon. Carefully created as a wonderfully refreshing alternative to the usual dry gins, this is a drink that is moreish in every way.

    All Ascot gins take their inspiration from the traditional London and UK examples, the classics of the gin world, and Ascot Lemon is no exception to this rule. Gin fans will get a taste of the classy and enduring gin that the UK is so good at making, as well as the additional lemon flavour that adds that summer touch.

    A slight sweetness contrasts the lemon and gin sharpness with this lemon-yellow drink giving something extra to what is a garden party staple. This is a drink for savouring and enjoying slowly. Ascot Lemon will also sit well with any lemon chaser, with the groundwork for the flavour already in place.

    The juniper berry and lemon taste – along with a fine choice of other botanicals – makes this aromatic gin a great choice at the best lemon gin price in Sri Lanka. As a gift for a gin-loving friend it is an excellent one, and why not add a bottle or two to your drink cabinet. Such quality at these prices is hard to find.



Lemon gin


Ascot pink gin

    Pour a glass of Ascot Pink for your guest and they will be amazed by the beautiful colour and delicious, fruity taste of what is a great alternative to a traditional dry gin. Pink gin is a favourite for summer parties and also an excellent choice for cocktails, and as we base all our gin recipes on classic UK examples, you’re getting just the right mix of fruit, juniper and other berries.

    Indeed, the Ascot Pink blend includes quality strawberries and red berry from Europe, each of which adds to both the taste and the colour and contrasts sweetness against the juniper bitterness that makes gin so special. One glass and you’ll come back for more, without a doubt.

    We recommend Ascot Pink Gin mixed with a sharp lemonade or tonic to tone down the sweetness a touch further. Add ice for perfection or use any of the traditional fruit cocktail recipes. Watermelon juice and a twist of lime also work well with Ascot Pink.
    As an alternative to dry gin and a mixer or to other fruit gins we believe Ascot Pink is hard to beat, and you’ll love the quality that you get from this Sri Lankan gin.

    Gin may not be the first drink you associate with Sri Lanka, yet we intend to change that with our range of Ascot gins, and Ascot Pink certainly makes a great gift for a gin lover and a fine addition to any drinks cabinet. Try Ascot Pink now, it really is as delicious as you are imagining.