Calypso white rum

    One of the most versatile drinks for cocktails is white rum. Calypso White is our premium white rum that we have put our usual attention to detail into developing, with only the very best ingredients used to make what is the finest white rum on the market at the price.

    If you love white rum, you will adore Calypso White with its superbly fruity aftertaste and wonderfully charming aroma. This beautifully presented white rum is full of flavour from the moment you take your first sip to when it smoothly and warmly leaves its amazing taste behind and is surprisingly easy to drink.

    Are you a cocktail lover? If so, there is no doubt that Calypso White will make the perfect Mojito, perhaps the most popular party and summer cocktail of all. Or you can enjoy the taste with additional mixers such as cola or any variant of cola, with ice for good measure.

    With rum prices in Sri Lanka being amazingly competitive now is the right time to buy.
    Add a bottle of versatile and delicious Calypso White to your drinks collection for good measure or buy a bottle for a friend – this is a very special rum from a very special place.





    If you are a rum drinker, you have a fine palate. Rum is not a drink that everyone can take to, but our Calypso Red Rum has been well received even by those who are just occasional rum drinkers. Made to our usual exacting standards using only the finest ingredients, we believe this to be the best red rum on sale in Sri Lanka.

    Suitably dark and with a unique flavouring of Mediterranean fruit, Calypso Red is the choice if you want to experience a smooth and full-flavoured rum with a hint of sweetness that comes from the fruit. Combine those flavours with a rum that has been matured in charred oak casks and you add in a smoked touch that is delightful on the tongue.

    How do you take your rum? Calypso Red will be just fine on its own or on the rocks, and many of our customers enjoy it with a cola mixer, Portello being a favourite for getting the right mix of tastes. Easy to drink, the unique odour notes and fruity sweetness make this a drink for a special occasion or simply when you are taking some time out.

    Calypso Red is a fine example of a red rum and takes quality at sensible prices to another level. Get a bottle of wonderful Calypso Red for yourself to enjoy, and if you’re looking for an original gift this could be your answer.



Calypso Red Rum