V&A Gold

    For the whisky lover we have something very special here. A whisky that offers you all the delights of quality scotch, at a price that will amaze you.

    V&A Gold Whisky takes Sri Lankan whisky to another level. Including prime Scotch whisky of three years old matured in Scotland itself, this beautifully aromatic whisky is one for special occasions. To add to the distinctiveness of V&A Gold it has matured in French Oak Vats which gives it that extra edge over similarly priced rivals.

    A floral bouquet and slight sweetness of taste combined with a glorious golden hue for an attractive all-round appeal that makes this popular across the board. To refine this smooth-tasting whisky, we used a benchmark of a quality imported whisky in blind testing, and V&A Gold came out on top.

    Drink neat for a fabulous experience of rich flavours and a gorgeous and warm aftertaste, or pour carefully over ice for a V&A Gold on the rocks, and you can’t go wrong. We also recommend this wonderful mature whisky with mineral water if you want to dilute it.

    The connoisseur will appreciate the whisky price in Sri Lanka which makes this quality product one of impressive value. As a special purchase for a whisky lover, this is a fine choice, and as a gift, it will be a surprise that is greatly appreciated.





    Think whisky and Sri Lanka is not the first country that comes to mind. Yet here we have a superbly delicious Sri Lankan whisky that even the most dedicated connoisseur will appreciate.
    V&A Whisky is a quality product made with all the care and attention you would expect from a maker with distinction. V&A Whisky is made using the very finest spirits for a smooth and special finish. If we tell you the flavour profile is inspired by an all-time classic you’ll understand this is a serious whisky.

    The beautiful golden-brown colour of V&A Whisky shines from the glass when poured, and this is a light-bodied whisky with that slightly bitter taste on the tongue you would find in high-quality Scotch whisky’s from the best distilleries. There’s a warm afterglow and quite a strong feel to this drink, making it all the more appealing to the serious whisky buff.

    Matured in French Oak Vats for that extra touch of quality, we suggest you try V&A Whisky neat for the full flavour and experience. Or, should you prefer, mineral water, ginger ale and soda also combine beautifully with this versatile drink. If you have another chaser of choice this is the perfect whisky mixer for all occasions.



V&A Whisky