Best white spirit in sri lanka

    Can an original be improved upon? Of course, it can, but in the case of White Diamond Arrak it’s a difficult thing to do! White Diamond stands out as the original white arrak option, with its classic ingredients and superbly familiar flavours.
    Nothing could be simpler than the straightforward constituents of White Diamond. Our trademark top quality extra neutral alcohol spirit blended with fresh pure water and a mix of spices that give White Diamond its famous tasting notes forms the basis for every arrak on the market.

    Colourless and clear, White Diamond is a perfect choice for many a cocktail and a great alternative to more expensive vodka. Try this glorious spirit on its own over ice and you’ll get the full effect of the spices and the pure alcohol, with a touch of vanilla and that spice aroma that makes arrak such a pleasant drink.

    The best mixer for White Diamond is perhaps soda or lemonade. Anything with more flavour will overpower the simplicity of the taste that this basic yet delicious arrak is all about. If you do want to mix, go for a citrus mixer – lemon or lime are the best pairing for White Diamond – and add just a touch over the ice.

    Traditional to Sri Lanka, India and other countries in this part of Asia, White Diamond arrak is preferred to vodka by locals thanks to the very similar taste and amazing price. If you want to try the original, try White Diamond, and see what you’ve been missing.