Ritz Brandy

    All the elements of warming and soothing drink are present with our quite delectable Ritz Brandy, a traditional brandy recipe based on classics that have stood the test of time. Using only the finest available spirits, we guarantee a brandy as good as you will find anywhere at an amazing price.

    The recipe for our Ritz Brandy has been carefully considered to appeal to the connoisseur with a perfect mix of dark and rich colour and a wonderfully appealing scent that will certainly have you reaching for your glass. Matured in charred oak casks for added taste, Ritz Brandy is a perfect choice for sharing with friends, or simply for a nightcap.

    Drink this fine brandy on its own or, should you want to, try it on the rocks with a ginger ale mixer for a variety of deep and delicious flavours that you will savour. This is a superbly produced brandy that has had a lot of thought put into what the brandy drinker is looking for and ticks all the boxes.

    An ideal gift for your brandy-loving friend or a worthy addition to your collection. With tasing notes and an odour unique to the product, we recommend Ritz Brandy for anyone who loves this wholesome and smooth drink.





    The popularity of our Ritz Brandy, with its glorious aroma and sensational classic taste, led us to look for further customers for brandy. The result is the rather stunning Ritz Cherry Brandy, which uses the original but fortifies with Red Cherry liqueur. The taste is something special with the cherry and the brandy hitting the spot, a warm and smooth aftertaste lingering.

    A deep red brown in colour and offering the added flavour of the Ritz Brandy that has been matured in charred oak casks for a smoky touch that complements the sweetness, Ritz Cherry is a perfect garden drink or an evening aperitif in front of a roaring log fire in the winter months.
    We use only the finest spirits for perfection in taste, and you’ll love the combination of flavours on the tongue. Exotic and special, Ritz Cherry is a great choice for drinking neat as a liqueur – an after-dinner delight in fact – and also works well with ice and water.

    Unique to the market in Sri Lanka, Ritz Cherry is an evocative drink that will find many satisfied customers to add to those who already enjoy it. The brandy price in Sri Lanka compares very favourably to other markets hence the popularity of Ritz Cherry, and if you’re looking for a gift with a difference this will be much appreciated. Buy a couple of bottles, one to gift and one to keep, and you won’t be disappointed.



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