Old Reserve threw a big party on March 21 in Flamingo house, Colombo to launch two new product, Old Reserve Revival 42 and Rare 47.

Celebrities from Sri Lanka gathered at the Love Bar to watch the launch of the new Old Reserve label and also meet Antonio Parlapiano from The Jerry Thomas Project Rome, and Sossio Del Prete, Giuliana Giancano, and Giuseppe Ammendola the winners of the Italy competition while preparing extraordinary cocktails.

Old Reserve threw a tiki-themed cocktail party that was all about taking classic tiki-style cocktails and re-introducing them to people with fresh, quality ingredients and turned the bar into an island paradise with lots flowers and foliage.

Among the crowd were Stephanie Siriwardhana, Miss Universe Sri Lanka 2011 and Gerard Mendis, a master chocolatier and award-winning pastry chef known throughout Sri Lanka.

Old Reserve also had a small gift which was given to the guests as a gesture of thanks for their attendance, a momento of the occasion.