best white label arrack

    While much of the world remains oblivious to the delights of arrack, it is one of the most popular spirits in Sri Lanka. That should be no surprise when you can choose delicious blends such as IDL White Label. Taking a traditional coconut spirit base and adding a neat and sharp citrus twist is a master stroke.

    IDL White Label offers a different take on arrack but retains our attention to detail and first-class ingredients. We use only the best quality neutral alcohol for a smooth finish and matured coconut spirit blended in for a perfect combination. Add in water and citrus flavourings and you have a fresh drink ready for a summer afternoon.

    The beauty of IDL White Label lies in its versatility. Use it as an alternative to the usual in a variety of cocktails, for example, or try it over ice to get the full citrus taste notes, with lemon coming forward on the tongue. It’s a delightful drink with soda or lemonade, too, and makes for a soothing and relaxing experience.

    We love arrack in Sri Lanka and IDL White Label is one of the more unique examples. At the price you won’t find a better choice of citrus infused arrack, and the quality we adhere to is exemplary. Buy a bottle for yourself and see what you’re missing, and get a second to gift to a friend – there’s something special waiting for you in IDL White Label.