Idl Red Label arrack

    They say there’s a niche to be found in every market, and when it comes to the choice of arrack in Sri Lanka, we believe we found it! IDL Red Label is a delightfully smooth blended arrack that is one of the most consistent selling arracks.
    This special and unique spirit comes with natural herbal additions on top of the coconut spirit that lies at the heart of arrack.

    A rich dark brown in colour, IDL Red Label is a truly unique drink even among arracks and is perfect for introducing newcomers to the drink. Smooth and easy to drink, with a slightly musty aroma and delicious herbal tasting notes, this is a simple yet wonderfully flavoured arrack that will impress even the most experienced connoisseur.

    How do you drink your arrack? It’ a versatile spirit that can be taken on its own – we recommend on ice for the best results – or with a variety of mixers. Cola of any type will contrast nicely, but to keep the flavour intact we suggest trying IDL Red Label on the rocks with soda or a soft lemonade.

    Arrack is a drink that remains below the radar in the world away from Sri Lanka, India and the Asian continent, but it really should be riding high. Try IDL Red Label now and you’ll see what we mean when we say this is a special spirit that deserves greater recognition in the wider world.