Old Arrack

    If you’re a lover of arrack, what would you say to an example that has been matured and aged to add to the already wonderful taste notes? That’s what Old Arrack is all about, and we believe it to be one of the richest tasting examples on the market.

    A genuine coconut arrack with quality to the fore, Old Arrack tastes glorious. Pour a glass over ice – add nothing so you can savour the different taste notes – and you’ll enjoy a perfect combination of the coconut sweetness, a touch of vanilla, plus that glorious woody taste that comes from having been matured in teak vats.

    The aroma is one typical of an arrack being primarily coconut, but there’s a touch of freshness there that gives this wonderful take on the theme its own special place in the market. And a special place in your cabinet, too, for like all arracks Old Arrack is surprisingly affordable.

    Take Old Arrack with a dash of water or with soda, and it’s best with ice, and experience the glorious flavours this traditional spirit presents, and at the price you’ll surely want to buy more than one bottle.