Melfort arrack bottle

    The market for arrack is strong in Sri Lanka and elsewhere in the region and there are many different examples of arrack that populate a market with a great deal of choice.

    You might want to try Melfort Special Arrack, based on the standard coconut flavouring but with its own special additional flavours that make it an exemplary example of this fine spirit. We use the best in neutral alcohol spirit blended with the finest coconut spirit and fresh and pure water to give you the smooth finish that arrack lovers want.

    Deliciously simple yet different to standard arrack, Melfort Special may be one for an occasion, or just for that evening drink when winding down. How to take it? Quite simply, this rich brown arrack is best with a dash of water, so pleasurable is the taste, or if you do want to dilute simply add soda and ice.

    Melfort Special makes a great gift for a lover of fine spirits and will be a welcome addition to your drink selection.