spiced arrack

    A great choice, if you like a spicy touch to your spirit, is IDL Green Label. This beautifully created spiced arrack is a welcome change from the usual offerings and brings a new flavour to the arrack market. Based on our standard example, it uses only the finest neutral alcohol and matured coconut spirit as a base.

    The spicy overtones are deliberately slight to give just a touch of added taste on the tongue, while the coconut remains the central tasting note in this quite delicious drink. Made to a lower alcohol level than most arracks, IDL Green Label is intended for the arrack lover who doesn’t want the strength of our more potent examples.

    Entirely colourless and clear, IDL Green Label is a perfect mixer in your own self-designed cocktails. It’s also to be tried on its own, over ice, to get the full result of the flavours within. If you want a mixer, we suggest you try a soda or lemonade, or a cola for a contrasting flavour.

    IDL Green Label Arrack is a special drink that adds a new touch to the recipe, and one that will be appreciated by those who like spicy overtones. We reckon this is a great drink for winter nights in front of the fire, and a fine choice as a gift for a friend. The price is simply superb, too, so why not invest in a couple of bottles and enjoy a new taste.