gold label arrack

    A speciality local to these shores is Arrack, a wonderfully evocative and delightful spirit that never fails to please. Perfect for summer evenings or a late-night tipple, IDL Gold Label is a very special example that you simply must try.

    Halmilla matured coconut spirit is at the heart of IDL Gold Label and there’s a hint of vanilla on the tongue. The golden light coconut hue gives this spirit a fine and enticing appearance, and there’s simply no other drink that so evokes Sri Lanka in its glory.
    Blended with the finest extra neutral alcohol for that added purity and to our own carefully chosen recipe, IDL Gold Label is flavoured with a variety of exotic tastes that give it an individual appeal. Coconut is to the fore with caramel coloring and only water added to give this arrack a smooth effect.

    This quality blended arrack is recommended with a mix of bees honey – nothing could be sweeter, more soothing or satisfying – or on ice with a ginger or soda mixer. Try it neat on the rocks or add your own choice of mix, but above all try IDL Gold Label.

    We believe IDL Gold Label to be the finest blended arrack at these prices. If you have yet to indulge in this unique spirit now is the time to do so. Ideal as a gift for a loved one or friend, and a great addition to any drinks cabinet, add IDL Gold Label to your collection and discover something fresh and new from Sri Lanka.