Black Label

    For the arrack drinker who likes a kick to his or her drink, we bring you IDL Black Label. This classic arrack has it all and it says a lot that it remains one of the best-selling arracks on the market. Made to our usual high standards using only top-quality neutral alcohol for the finest flavour, you won’t find a better arrack at the price.

    The coconut spirit on which the drink is based has been teak matured for added bite.

    The blend of IDL Black Label is perfect, and the lush dark brown colour is inviting. Taste IDL Black Label on its own and you’ll immediately get that coconut sweetness and caramel plus vanilla notes. But there’s more, and that’s what makes this special arrack unique. You’ll get a sense of wood in the aroma and the taste, as well as clear evidence of tannin. It’s a drink that keeps giving in all areas.

    The best way to get the full flavour is to pour your IDL Black Label over a couple of blocks of ice and drink it neat. If you do want a mixer, we suggest a plain tonic or lemonade, or cola for a bit of contrast.
    This is a high alcohol arrack that appeals to those who like a definite kick from their spirits, and if it’s your introduction to arracks you’ve made a fine choice, especially at the price.