black diamond

    If you enjoy arrack, you will undoubtedly have experienced the delights of the original, the classic and timeless White Diamond. It’s a drink that endures, one that is delectable over ice on its own, and also one that can be great with an added twist.

    That’s what Black Diamond is all about. We tool the original, made with the finest extra neutral alcohol spirit for perfection in taste, and added a twist of another classic and popular spirit – brandy. It may seem like a strange pairing at first, but when you try it, we believe you’ll be hooked.

    Black Diamond comes with a glorious brandy odour and brown colouring reflecting the added spirit. But it’s the aroma and taste – both of which feature brandy to the fore – that make this a very special spirit indeed.
    Pour Black Diamond into your glass over ice and try it neat. That delicious blend of arrak, with its faint flavoured vodka tasting notes, and the warm and soothing, deep and soft taste of brandy is something to behold. This is the way to drink Black Diamond, and to savour a unique flavour.

    It works well with dry ginger ale, a combination that will be appreciated by most, and who could resist an arrak with a brandy twist with a simple soda mixer? There’s a sense of luxury about Black Diamond, but nothing luxury about the amazing price. If you’re looking for a gift for a spirit-loving friend, this could be it, and don’t forget one to add to your drink collection.