best herbal arrack

    When you think of a traditional arrack you think coconut and a kick, perhaps a touch of spiciness or citrus. Herbiza adds another option to the market – this is a herbal arrack that will delight you with its unique and healthy additional ingredients.
    We use our favoured extra neutral alcohol spirit as the base plus the matured and top-quality coconut spirit for the blend, but then we take it further! The unique element of Herbiza lies in the herbal extracts that we have added.

    Carefully chosen as they are health-giving herbs that boost the immune system, coriander, elderberry and cloves are the chosen herbs, and they make Herbiza a different proposition.
    Try Herbiza on its own – it’s best over ice – and you’ll soon get that delicious coconut flavour but with notable sweetness and a spiced aftertaste that is quite delectable. Herbiza is a drink that you can savour after a long day at work, a relaxing spirit unlike any other.

    Herbiza arrack presents in deep brown colour and is a perfect choice for mixing with dry ginger ale. If you are happy with the flavours already and don’t want to add then we recommend soda on the rocks for the full spice treatment.
    Standard arrack is something special, but we believe Herbiza to be a touch more exciting than many other examples. Try it now and you’ll experience a whole new raft of tasting notes, and at the price you can’t beat this glorious spirit for quality.