The premium manufacturer of alcoholic spirits, International Distillers Limited (IDL), is well renowned as the market leader in locally manufactured foreign liquor. This title is engraved in the consumer’s mind as an organization with over 40 years of experience in the field of producing alcoholic beverages of the finest quality.

Commencing its operations as Gilbeys Lanka Limited in 1980, the organization remains true to its core values and philosophy of ethical business practices and good corporate governance, which saw IDL’s rise to the top. IDL formed solid partnerships with many foreign liquor brands, such as Diageo, Bacardi Martini, and Moet & Hennessy, to become the only company to collaborate successfully to produce world leading brands in Sri Lanka at the moment. Under the supervision of one of the world’s largest alcohol manufacturing companies, Diageo, IDL manufactured the most famous Vodka brand, Smirnoff, between 2006 and 2012. During the manufacture of Smirnoff, IDL adhered to global standards and the master blender’s international guidelines. The company’s focus on high-quality manufacturing processes saw world-famous and market-leading brands Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum and Eristoff Premium Vodka bottling their products through IDL in 2018. These noteworthy achievements are evidence of the confidence and trust inspired by IDL with international brands.

In addition to being the market leader in locally manufactured foreign liquor, IDL is the second-largest liquor manufacturing company in Sri Lanka, evidenced by its extensive and illustrious product portfolio. Over the years, IDL has become renowned for producing leading local liquor brands such as Old Reserve Arrack, Ascot Gin, V&A Whisky, Ritz Brandy, Calypso Rum, White Diamond, and Celebration Vodka to name a few.

IDL’s commitment to quality and high manufacturing standards is beyond exemplary, as the organization is the first alcoholic beverage company in Sri Lanka to receive four ISO certifications. Previously, IDL has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2015 certification for Environmental Management System, and ISO 22000:2018 for Food Safety Management System. ISO 45001:2018 is the latest certification that showcases IDL’s commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in world-class operations.

“We welcome this new addition to our array of ISO certifications as it demonstrates IDL’s commitment to the safety of its workplace and a conducive environment for the workforce. We are concerned about the physical and mental well-being of our workforce and are dedicated to creating a favourable and internationally benchmarked environment for them. We will continuously evaluate and improve our practices to ensure we provide a safe environment for our workforce, clients, and community. This certification certainly cements our dedication to ensuring that the staff is always well looked after,” IDL Chief Executive Officer Dr. Kemal de Soysa said while commenting on the occasion of receiving the latest ISO 45001 certification.

“Questioning accepted ways of doing things and finding innovative solutions are consistent with IDL’s long-held value to strive for excellence and produce quality every day. With these certifications, consumers can be even more confident that they are enjoying the highest quality spirits brands available from a company which measurably shows it cares about its loyal consumers, employees, and a cleaner environment” said Mr. Prasad Gunathilaka, Head of Quality Assurance for IDL.

IDL has also taken a definitive stance to support the tourism industry that benefits the economy. As one of the largest importers of foreign liquor and wine for this industry, IDL conducts training programs and vocational studies for those within the tourism industry. These programs boost the skill levels of the younger staff, enabling the industry to flourish. And as a top corporate entity, IDL does not shy away from its responsibilities as it pays over Rs.20 billion in taxes yearly.

IDL’s diverse and well-established products are savored by many from all walks of life with 95% market penetration. This product portfolio and the company’s prominent presence within the domestic airline industry too. The company has earned a reputation for its finest quality products amongst its partners in Australia, India, Italy, Japan, Maldives, Singapore, Ukraine, and the USA. Today, IDL rightfully takes its place as the market leader in locally manufactured foreign liquor and the premium manufacturer of alcoholic beverages in Sri Lanka.

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