affordable arrack

    Arrack is a drink enjoyed by many in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. For some people, a low-alcohol arrack would be a bonus, and that’s why we have introduced Club 7. Low in alcohol but high in the flavours and experience you want with a quality arrack, Club 7 has met with many satisfied customers looking for a spirit that is not too strong.

    Our choice of extra neutral alcohol blended with the finest coconut spirit, and we dilute with fresh and pure water for the best taste. Also in the Club 7 blend are spices, carefully chosen to add to the taste, and we also add an essence of brandy for a warm and welcoming taste note.

    Club 7 is deliberately easy to drink – even neat with ice this is a delicious drink that you can casually enjoy – and is perhaps best with soda and ice. Anything else may dilute the splendid flavours that flow from Club 7.

    Take your time to enjoy Club 7 Arrack and you’ll see what we mean. This is a lightweight yet top-quality spirit for all.