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CAVALIER BRANDY: A Gentleman Who Stands Apart

In a world where the ordinary prevails, a brand emerges that challenges the status quo and dares to be unique - introducing Cavalier Brandy, the epitome of elegance, charisma, and chivalry. Drawing inspiration from the French term "Cavalier" of the 16th century, derived from the Latin word "Caballus," meaning 'Horse,' this brand embodies a proud and gallant spirit. The cavalier attitude signifies looking beyond the ordinary and striving for the extraordinary. Cavalier Brandy pays tribute to the gentleman who is anything but ordinary. He is one of a kind, gracious, and captivating, forging his path and never following the crowd. Admired by women and envied by men, he symbolizes power and refined taste.
With Cavalier Brandy, we aim to fill the gap between locally-produced premium and entry-level imported brandies in the Sri Lankan market. We aspire to be the top choice among local premium brandies. Cavalier Brandy is crafted in the style of French brandy, blended and matured in carefully selected French oak vats. This meticulous process lends a unique and exceptional flavour to our brandy. The grapes that go into our brandy are carefully handpicked from the finest vineyards in Austria and France during September and October, guaranteeing the highest quality flavours. Our tasting notes uncover a sweet and fruity, slightly musty and fiery character akin to many French Brandies.
Our French oak vats are celebrated for their outstanding quality and distinct flavour profile. They contribute depth and complexity to our brandy and a velvety and creamy texture. The fine grain of the French oak allows it to withstand high temperatures and extended aging periods, infusing a refined flavour that evolves over time. The elevated levels of natural tannins in the oak contribute structure and complexity to the brandy, resulting in a more flavourful, intricate, and well-balanced spirit. With a heritage deeply rooted in tradition, Cavalier Brandy offers a high-quality, distinguished product representing the contemporary gentleman who sets himself apart. Our brand stands as a testament to our dedication to quality and value for money in the brandy category.
So, pour a glass of Cavalier Brandy and celebrate the gentleman who dares to be different, embracing a legacy of pride, sophistication, and strength. Here's to the cavalier spirit within all of us!