Blue Catan 750

    A glorious blend of stunning arrack with a whisky twist, Blue Sapphire is a drink for someone who enjoys their spirits to the full. Adding whisky notes to an arrack creates an entirely new experience in taste and gives a special touch to what is a special drink.

    Using the finest ingredients as always including extra neutral alcohol spirit for the smooth finish that most people favour, Blue Sapphire is a genuinely unique spirit that adds an interesting alternative in any drinks cabinet. With matured coconut spirit making the basis and the addition of whisky notes and natural flavourings, there’s something enticing about Blue Sapphire that sets it apart from the competition.

    Try it solo on ice and you’ll find the whisky overtone with the coconut flavour to be among the many tasting notes that Blue Sapphire presents. Also, there is a touch of wood that is redolent of many a fine whisky, and a nice aftertaste that is at once soothing as well as having a little kick.

    Pour yourself a Blue Sapphire over ice and add a ginger ale mix to this light brown spirit and you have an utterly classic combination. You might also want to try it with soda which brings out the flavour. This is a perfect gift for an arrack and whisky lover or for yourself as an option to your usual choice of spirit.